Who we are

Nasir and Associates is an organization that believes in serving its' clients with reliable, efficient, competitively priced, high quality products and services throughout a relationship. Customer retention and customer satisfaction are top priorities within our organization.

What we do

Nasir and Associates, LLC, supplies and manufactures materials and equipment that is used in modern day road construction, commercial infrastructure construction, and maintenance. Whether your need is safety equipment, traffic control devices, specialty steel fabricated products, noise and retaining wall supplies, guardrail materials, permanent and temporary road signs, piping materials or manholes, Nasir and Associates can meet your demand with quality, reliability, and competitive pricing.

Committed to Quality

Nasir and Associates is the Mid-Atlantic region’s supplier of choice for high quality products that meet all necessary state and federal standards. We’ve earned this position through consistently delivering solutions:

  • In a timely and reliable manner
  • With competitive pricing
  • With the best quality possible
  • In a competent and ethical manner

These four cornerstones of service boil down to one core value – relationship. We treasure the relationship with our client and always take a long-term view. What is best for the client is what is best for our firm.

Geographies Served:

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Nasir and Associates serves clients primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern region. We are proudly MBE and DBE certified in the following locations: Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, City of Baltimore, New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia. Nasir and Associates is approved for the following NAICS Codes: 423320, 423390, 423610, 423810, 423840, 423990

Experienced with Outstanding Clients

Our clients include American Infrastructure, Clark Construction, Enterprise Electric Company, Lane Construction, and Wagman Construction. In the public sector, we’ve proven ourselves with repeat business from the Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania DOT (Department of Transportation), Maryland SHA (State Highway Administration) and the City of Baltimore.

Ready to serve you

Your construction projects are growing more complex every year. At Nasir and Associates, we stay on top of the dynamic requirements of project owners, government regulators, and you, our client. We have the relationships with top manufacturers to assure that you get what you need, when you need it.

Contact Us today to discuss your infrastructure supply needs – in Baltimore, toll free at 888.347.1283, or via Email

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